Hot n Spicy Soynuts Chaat Masala Snack

This is a great evening snack with loaded fiber & protien with awesome taste. It is very simple to make in minutes .

Nutrition Facts

Number of Servings: 1

Amount Per Serving
Calories 143
Total Fat IP Limit
Sodium IP Limit
Net Carbohydrate 5g
Protein 11g

* Calories are calculated by excluding IP required daily limit of Oil, vegetables & spices. This calorie values are not lab evaluated, with help of nutrition lables and google search we added all ingredients calories together.

Calories per gram:

Fat 9 • Carbohydrate 4 • Protein 4


• Roasted Soynuts - 31g
• Indian Chaat Masala(any brand)
• Diced Onions -2Tbsp
• Diced Cucumber - 3 Tbsp
• Diced Capsicum - 1 Tbsp(Optional)
• Minced Green Chilli
• Minced Coriander
• Lite Salt (to the taste).

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  1. Weigh Roasted Soynuts 31g for 1 Serving. (Or based on calories on package).
  2. Ready all ingredients together as shown below.
  3. Take a bowl & add all finely chopped veggies(onion,cucumber,capsicum,chillis) into the bowl.Then add chaat masala(1 / 3 tsp), lite salt(to taste), If your roasted soynuts are not spicy then you can also add little red chilli powder(Optional).Now squeeze 1 / 4 th lemon and add soynuts .
  4. Add finly chopped Coriander.
  5. Mix together all and enjoy tasty'n spicy protein chaat masala.
  6. More Options: You can also have this chaat with protein chips(Quest or IP) instead of soynuts .
  7. Here is another option, you can also mix n match protien portion and add to same chaat ingredients for great taste .