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Ideal Protein Alternative Product List/Finder- Instant Protein Options

Many of you are looking for instant food options like IP food packets. Actually, if we cook every meal as per protocol these instant foods are not required, but many people have time constraints and some of them are requesting for alternate to IP products to save money, not a member of IP, change of taste, more variety or wantend to start 2nd time etc. After listening all these concerns from many of you, I decided to make your life easy by consolidating serveral alternate product options which are similar to each Ideal Protein products. I also gathered nutritional information of all products and listed along with it to make your decision easy. Some people have question of "How to Find Ideal Protein Alternate Product?" for them to easily identify IP friendly/alternative product, I also listed guidelines to find appropriate alternate products. See here for available product options.

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Ideal Protein Friendly Vegetarian High Protein with Low Carb Recipes

For vegetarians, eating everyday High protein + low carbs + low calories is very difficult task. For Non-vegetarians it’s easy to achieve this diet but not for vegetarians. Usually vegetarians get most of their protein from Lentils (Grains) and Dairy. But lentils and dairy are high in carbs and sugars which lead to high calories. That is the reason why diet plans like Ideal Protein do not include those in their diet plan. By keeping these into consideration, I identified some ingredients and products which suit vegetarian diet and also Ideal Protein friendly. We may get bored if we eat the same recipes repeatedly, so my intension is not to repeat same dish everyday, so that you will not get bored and give up your weight loss diet commitment. I specially identified/prepared protein dishes for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner which are also Ideal Protein diet friendly. You can use these recipes with or without joining Ideal Protein diet program. I followed their diet requirements but I did not join their program.

I studied many Ideal Protein products' nutrition facts thoroughly and understood their dietary values requirement for every meal and came up with these recipes. Even if you join their program they require you to take 2 cups of selective vegetables for lunch & dinner along with your protein, but many people get confused as to what vegetables to eat everyday without getting bored. So I also prepared some 2 cup vegetable recipes to include in your lunch & dinner.

Most of the Ideal protein products have 15~20g protein and < 10g net carbs and less than 200 calories. By following Ideal protein requirement, we prepared each dish within limit of their protein, carb & calories requirement. Calories from vegetables are not included for these recipes as it mandatory that you consume 2 cups of selective vegetables for every lunch & dinner.


No Exercise to Loose weight and Never feel Hungry

Yes, no exercise is required to lose weight, and good thing is you never feel hungry. It is not because of any pills, it is because of systematic nutritious diet with essential supplements. In fact Ideal Protein diet program suggests you NOT to do heavy exercise while following their diet. Due to low calorie intake exercising may not be a good thing for your body.

What should you eat for not being hungry? When you are on a high protein diet with *DETERMINATION* you don't feel hungry at all. Frequent small meals, portion control along with high protein & fiber contents are the key elements for not feeling hungry.

Ideal protein diet has mainly 3 phases, Phase1 & Phase2 until desired weight loss is achieved and then phase3 for exiting the diet program. Each of these phases are very important to follow as each phase has its own significance.

Ideal Protein is considered ketogenic diet as Ketosis is the ideal state during phases 1 & 2. You can google to know more about Ketosis.

Ideal Protein recommends 4 meals per day Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinner. They sell these meals and direct you to prepare and eat your own dinner with their specifications. So here I prepared some recipes and identified equivalent products which are similar to the IP menu, whether you have joined the Ideal Protein program or not you can still follow this diet on our own, you can simply follow this site to prepare Vegetarian dishes for your dinner and 2 cup vegetable dishes for lunch & dinner and also snack ideas and more. Repeat and routine gets boring so try all the recipes and leave a comment as feedback. You can also send us your recipes so that we can include here to help many others like us struggling to cook healthy varieties.

I also identified many Ideal protein alternative products which can be replaced for much lower cost or to use them without joining Ideal protein program.

Many people may have a question in mind that if it is a safe diet or not? I am not going into those details as I am not a health professional. As many of them already followed this diet and ketosis diet exists for many years now, you can google it and find out good/bad and side effects etc. I personally believe this diet works as I lost over 40 pounds in less than 5 months by following this diet (all 3 phases).

Then it comes time to maintaining weight. To maintain weight we need to be careful about what we eat and all the more important is how much we eat. We need to watch out every meal that goes into our stomach. A change of life style and following healthy eating habits to maintain our Ideal weight is a must, otherwise we can easily gain back all the weight, and this is a basic rule to follow with any type of diet or exercise we follow.. That’s life, an ideal healthy life.


What is Gluten? is it good or bad?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley or any of their crossbred varieties and derivatives. For baking, gluten is the binding agent in the flour that prevents the baked goods from crumbling. Gluten is added in many processed and packaged foods. If you are consuming regularly breads, tortillas(chapathi/roti) then you are fine with eating gluten, only some people are intolerant to gluten, and these people need to avoid gluten otherwise gluten is just a protein and can be included in our diet. Many people are influenced by gluten-free marketing and assume gluten may be a bad ingredient, but it’s not really. Read here a full article about gluten!!.

Also read article "The Truth About Gluten" on WebMD.